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UTMB 2019 - Dale Perini and Andrew Link Fund Raising

par dale Perini

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Thank you for visiting our page to raise money for Le Rire Medecin by completing the Ultra Trail Mont Blanc 2019 (UTMB). The money raised will go direct to the charity where the team work directly with sick children. The team work tirelessly to inspire and raise the spirits of the children, families and caregivers who all deserve some smiles. Any gift you can give is very much appreciated by Le Rire Medecin, Dale and Andrew.

What is UTMB?

The Ultra-Trail du Mont-Blanc (UTMB) is a single-stage mountain ultramarathon in the Alps. The race follows the route of the Tour du Mont Blanc through France, Italy and Switzerland. The race covers approximately 171 kilometres (106 mi), and a total elevation gain of over 10,000 metres (32,940 ft).

The race will be tough. It is widely regarded as one of the most difficult foot races in the world. In 2016 and 2017, 42% and 34% of runners did not finish the UTMB race. The front runners will take around 20 hours, however we are expecting to take over 40 hours to reach the finish line. With this time, we will have to run through two nights in the mountains to complete the race.

Some further details are below.


Also closer to the time, I will send through a link for live tracking. It is always nice to see some one else in pain running when you go to bed!!! Also any text message you send us will be appreciated during the low times - and there will be plenty.

Dale's Journey 

I ran my first ultramarathon in 2015 and have been running trails in the past few years. To enter the ballot for UTMB I needed to achieve 15 points in 3 races in a year. I completed the following races in 2017.

3 points 50 mile Thames Trot in January. Try running in the mud for 50 miles!

6 points 128 km with 7,500m elevation in Gran Canaria. The race took 26 hours and hurt!

6 points 103 mile across the North Downs Way. First 100 miler and ran 21 hours12 minutes and came 12th. ‘Enjoyed’ the experience (as much as someone can).

Once you complete the races then you enter the draw and the chances aren’t great! So I am thankful to be races in 2019.

Now the training starts in the mountains and putting distance on the legs…..

Andrew's Journey 

I’ve been attempting to qualify for UTMB for the past two years.

It’s part terrifying and part exciting to be able to give the race a go. There is lots of training to do between now and the end of August in-order to be able to just finish the race in one piece.

To qualify for the race I completed the following races:

45 mile Brecon Beacon Ultra 

55 Mile Cateran Trail.

103 mile Costwolds Way

Help support Dale and me along the way by donating to Le Rire Medecin. These guys believe in the medicine of laughter to help young children cope with illness and have proactively impacted 800,000 children in tougher conditions than Dale and will face. 

Have I mentioned that there will be lots of french people there! - More suffering. Please donate.

Le Rire Medecin​ Charity

For 25 years, The Laugh Doctor restores power to hospitalised children and encourages play and laugh to better cope with the disease. Operating in 45 pediatric services in France, 100 professional clowns perform over 71,000 custom shows for children, their families and caregivers each year.

A note from association

In France, one in two children is hospitalised before the age of 15. For these children and their parents, a hospital stay or a simple visit is often synonymous with anxiety, loneliness and distress. At a time when the child builds his future adult personality, illness and hospitalisation, even for short periods, are a crucial experience. According to the stay at the children's hospital has been positive or negative light or traumatic, this experience will significantly influence the result of the child's life and his attitude to problems, both physical and psychic, that he subsequently meet.

Intuition who chaired the launch of the Laugh Doctor was that by express hospitalised children, making playfully participate, involving them in an impromptu mini-adventure, by taking her into a fantasy world, the clown would allow it to continue to exist and develop.

Through play, the stimulation of the imagination, the staging of the emotions, the parody of power, the red nose Laughter Doctor enable the child to join his world, to recharge it. The bet is that if he is certainly not a therapist, the clown in the hospital is therapeutic; if it does not cure, it could well be itself a kind of remedy, a happy pill or, if preferred, by repeating the incantation of the great psychiatrist Stanislas Tomkiewiz a "guardian of resilience" for sick children. The "clown effect" is not on the child, it extends its benefits to the whole of the therapeutic community that surrounds it in pediatric wards: parents, family, relatives, but also doctors and the health care team who discover or rediscover that humour, dream and fantasy have their place in the hospital.

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Russell Yarnton

30 €


Ryan Philp

30 €


Gerard Feeley

50 €


Tom Wilsher

50 €

Smash it mate! No doubt you will. I hope you enjoy (some of) it too. :-)


Mark McInnes

30 €


Shane Kay

25 €


KJ Leivesley (Katie, George, Julie & Tom)

100 €

Wishing you every success! xx Katie & George, Julie & Tom


dale perini

356 €


Andrew Link (Property Sports Network)

190 €


Catherine Lennon-Attwell

30 €

Bonne chance!
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En France, un enfant sur deux est hospitalisé avant l'âge de 15 ans. Pour ces enfants et leurs parents, un séjour à l'hôpital ou une simple visite est souvent synonyme d'angoisse, de solitude et de détresse. Depuis près de 30 ans, Le Rire Médecin redonne aux enfants hospitalisés le pouvoir de jouer et de rire pour mieux faire face à la maladie. Intervenant dans 46 services pédiatriques, les 100 clowns professionnels de l’association offrent chaque année plus de 80 000 spectacles personnalisés aux enfants, à leur famille et aux soignants.

Merci d'être à nos côtés !